Indoor Gardens: Growing Plants with LED lights


With all the parks and gardens you’ve seen, you’re probably tempted to start gardening. Am I right? So let me do you a favor. I’ll give you my reasons why you should consider indoor gardening:

  • Indoor gardens provide more privacy than outdoor ones
  • You don’t have to worry about animals ruining your garden
  • You can control the air, light, temperatures, etc.
  • Indoor gardens don’t need a vast area

Indoor gardening allows you to take care of everything on your own terms for the betterment of your garden. But since you’re growing indoors, you’ll need human-made light. This is where the LED grow lights enter the scene.


Below are the perks of using LED lights:

They save money

You might be overwhelmed by their price tags, but LED lights actually have smaller total operating costs compared to HPS lamps and fluorescent bulbs. In the long run, you can save more money if you invest in quality LED lights like the ones from growfor420.

Imagine not needing to replace the bulbs after a year or two, and only replacing them after 10 years. Economical, right? Plus, LED grow lights don’t build up heat, so you don’t have to buy extra fans or air conditioning to keep your garden ventilated. Even when the weather’s warm, your plants can breathe with these lights. This is probably why you can still see others growing marijuana and smoking pot in summer.

Led_grown_lightsThey emit less heat, but more light

Speaking of heat, LED grow lights won’t harm your plants or burn them because these lights release less heat. This also makes it ideal to place LED lights side by side, requiring less space. If you want lights that will enable your indoor plants to mature and blossom, you better get LED lights. They’re like the perfect replica of the sun.

They consume less energy than HPS and fluorescent lights

Lastly, these lights save energy, which is ideal for those who are concerned with the environment. LED grow lights can lower your energy consumption by 40% to 75%, according to studies. How impressive! You don’t just save money; you conserve energy as well!


We found this informative and interesting video to satisfy your questions about LED grow lights: