The Perks of Having an Inverter Generator

#1: It’s Portable

Need to go on a camping trip? Take your portable generator that’s not heavy and bulky! This machine can fit into the back of your car or van with ease. Inverters have lighter overall weight compared to conventional units. This makes them easier to transport, handle, and store. Take power with you wherever you go, and do it easily!

#2: It’s Quiet

Inverter generators allow you to converse with a person without being interrupted by a sudden and loud hum, unlike standard units. That’s because inverters are built with a sound reducing enclosure which allows them to reduce the amount of noise they generate while they operate. A lot of inverters surprisingly run at 50-60 decibels, which is similar to office noise or the sound of the car you hear when you’re inside a running car. This makes inverters ideal for food trucks.

#3: It’s Fuel-Efficient

Compared to a standard unit, an inverter generator uses less gas because it’s equipped with economy mode or eco-throttle. It will consume only the necessary fuel to meet the need of the load or the appliance. Inverters also adjust the speed depending on the requirement. An ordinary generator needs to run at a constant 3,600 rpm with 60 Hz power, but an inverter can supply 60 Hz of energy at different rpms. If the rpm is lower, then you can save up to 20 to 40 percent of fuel. Inverters release fewer exhaust emissions too.

#4: It Provides Cleaner Power

Because it supplies smoother electricity compared to conventional ones, an inverter generator can power up your sensitive appliances with no trouble. Examples of delicate appliances are your laptop, tablet, phone, and high-tech television.


#5: It Can Work with Another Inverter Generator


If you need more power and your inverter can’t give you all the power you should get, you can link your inverter to another one! This will double the power output and give you sufficient energy! Inverter generators allow parallel operations as long as both units are of the same model. You can either stack the two generators or position them side by side each other to gather the power of two units using inverter parallel cables.

If you need to power up sensitive appliances like phones, lights, microwaves, computers, radios, and other small devices, don’t worry; safe power inverter generators exist for them.


Before buying an inverter, make sure you check the power output and the price. It should fit both your budget and your electricity needs.