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5 Stunning Urban Parks in the World

Parks may not be a typical tourist attraction for some people. But there are many parks across the globe that earned their rightful places as popular touristy spots. Whether you are a travel-weary globetrotter looking for a tranquil place to relax or a nature lover out for a breath of fresh air, here are some of the most stunning city parks in the world you should visit.

Central Park, New York City
Central Park
Any list of beautiful urban parks that does not have Central Park on it would be incomplete. This vast park located at the heart of Manhattan exemplifies everything that is great about having a vast nature space in the midst of a bustling city. The iconic park has been featured in many works of art — from books to films and everything else in between. Over 30 million people visit the park every year to see its many attractions.

Englischer Garten, Munich
Englischer Garten
Englischer Garten (English Garden) is an English country style public park located at the center of the city. It is one of largest parks in the world. Its main attractions include the Monopteros, Schönfeldwiese (Schönfeld meadow), the Japanese teahouse, a Japanese garden, Kleinhesseloher See (Kleinhesseloher Lake), Steinerne Bank, and its many beer gardens among others.

Hyde Park, London
Serpentine Lake Hyde Park
Hyde Park is one of the Royal Parks in London. This stunning park is home to numerous attractions like the Speakers’ Corner, Albert Memorial, Kensington Palace and Gardens, Serpentine Lake, The Rose Garden, Diana Memorial Fountain, and more.

Odori Park, Sapporo
Odori Park
Ōdōri Kōen or Odori Park sits in the center of Sapporo dividing the city into north and south. It spans roughly one and a half kilometers and covers areas that include the Sapporo TV Tower. The park is also known for its Sapporo Snow Festival held in February of each year.

Park Güell, Barcelona
Park Güell
This public park in Barcelona features the work of famous architect Antoni Gaudi. It features fascinating stone structures and buildings that either inspire or defy the imagination. Vibrant and playful, Park Güell remains one of the most popular public parks in the world.